CALL to non-tenured African philosophers African Philosophy Essay Competitions

Essay competition

As part of our outreach to early-career scholars, non-tenured faculty, philosophers without doctorates, graduate students, and to philosophers in the non-academic professions and wider public arena,

the Third Biennial African Philosophy World Conference is the event which will launch the first round of FOUR annual essay competitions:

I. John S. Mbiti Essay on African Philosophy and Religion

II. Kwasi Wiredu Essay on African Metaphysics and Epistemology

III. Samir Amin Memorial Essay on African Leadership

IV. Sirkku Hellsten Memorial Essay on African Governance, Corporate Responsibility & Global Justice The winners of the maiden round of these annual prizes will be awarded travel costs and accommodation to present their essays at the conference and winning essays will be published in the 2020 volume of UTAFITI Journal of African Perspectives and annually hereafter.

Instructions for contestants:

Send your essay prepared for blind review in one file AND your abstract in another file and on a separate page (150-200 words) with your full name, email, phone number, affiliated institution and role, or other status. Provide the NUMBER (I, II, III, IV) to show WHICH PRIZE you are competing for in your FILES’ names.

Eligibility requirements:

Contestants must be: – non-tenured, or not on permanent contract, or not having a full appointment at a university, college, research institute, or school located in Africa but otherwise affiliated with a university, college, research institute or school located in Africa; OR – residing in Africa at a different occupation outside academia, or as unemployed, or as self-employed.

Procedures for the competition:

Essays will be vetted through blind review. – Essays must be at maximum 3,500 words inclusive of references. o (Winners will be able to expand for publication after presentation.) – All essays’ contents must be conceptual or theoretical in any philosophical tradition. – Two WORD files must be sent by the contestant:

1. COVER page file: Title of file should include “COVER PAGE” & the Roman numeral and name indicating which contest you are entering (I-IV above), and your own title of your essay, Author’s full name indicating surname in BLOCK capitals, author’s affiliation and current role in that institution or author’s location and employment status

2. ESSAY main body file: prepared for blind review. The title of the file attachment must contain

(i) identification of which AWARD (I-IV above) is intended, and (ii) title of essay (this is very important to avoid confusion in the vetting process)

Essay must be submitted as a WORD file with a subject title identified by one of the titles of the essay prizes listed above – Each contestant can submit only ONE essay.

More than one submission from the same contestant will disqualify all submissions from the contest, and such abstracts will be returned. – Essays must be submitted by April 1, 2019. – Essays that do not win prizes will still be vetted via their abstracts among those sent in response to the general call for abstracts for this conference. Schedule of advice for abstract submissions will apply. – Both files 1 & 2 must be sent simultaneously to