The University of Dodoma (UDOM) wishes to inform the general public that the
processes involved in the admission of applicants into different non-degree study
programmes offered by the University for the 2018/2019 Academic year in the first,
second and third round have been completed. A list of successful applicants is
attached. The successful applicants are informed that the joining instructions will be
accessed and downloaded from their application accounts accessible through pending verification.

Download pdf here of all names

Download joining instructions



Sokoine University of Agriculture wishes to inform the following prospective students with multiple admissions selected in round three to confirm their readiness to join SUA by using the special code sent to them by TCU through their mobile phone number used during application.  To confirm please log in into your SUA application account and enter your special code.  You are required to confirm by Thursday 20th October, 2018 failure to confirm will lead to cancellation of your name from our list of potential candidates selected to join SUA in 2018/19 academic year.


No  First Name  Middle Name  Surname  index no Sex Programme
1  ELIAZARI  WILLIUM  KIMWAGA  S3906/0013/2015  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
2  BARAKA  ALBIN  MTUMBUKA  S1432/0029/2015  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
3  NEEMA  N  KALUWA  S3983/0027/2015  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
4  FILBERT  ISLAEL  MAKASI  S2137/0037/2015  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
5  BIBIANA  JOSEPH  S4053/0007/2015  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
6  PROSPER  VUMBA  S0913/0177/2011  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
7  IRENE  A  MUSSA  S0897/0010/2011  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
8  SELEMANI  YUSUFU  SUDI  S3981/0171/2015  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
9  KELVIN  DENIS  LYIMO  S1198/0098/2013  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
10  PERPETUA  PETRO  DALEI  S1893/0026/2015  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
11  MAGRETH  FURAHA  MLELA  S2178/0055/2014  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
12  LEAH  G  ADAM  S3914/0063/2015  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
13  CHRISTOPHER  A  MAHENGE  S0716/0096/2015  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
14  DORIN  SEBASTIAN  ZONGORO  S4601/0014/2014  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
15  JANE  F  MARANDU  S0485/0081/2013  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
16  MARIA  WALBATT  WINJONESS  S2774/0055/2013  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
17  GRACE  JAPHET  ELISON  S0941/0016/2012  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
18  BERNADETHA  P  LUKINDO  S1045/0014/2014  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
19  SAMWEL  CHANINGA  S0112/0156/1999  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
20  TUGANIGWE  ANYOSISYE  MWAKIPESIL  S0806/0178/2013  F  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
21  FRANK  YURIAN  LUKAS  S2807/0162/2011  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
22  PAMPHIL  THOMAS  S3482/0061/2013  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
23  ADELHARD  OSCAR  S0811/0097/2013  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
24  NGUSA  CHARLES  S1342/0012/2006  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
25  AMANI  L  MAGAVA  S1264/0043/2012  M  Bachelor of Information and Records Management
26  GRACE  WILLIAM  NGONYANI  S0237/0036/2015  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
27  REGINA  CHARLES  SAMSON  S3494/0024/2015  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
28  NATHANAEL  M  MSENGI  S1110/0229/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
29  SHARIFA  RAMADHANI  MOMA  S4598/0099/2015  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
30  DANIEL  JAMES  S2589/0052/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
31  RAZACK  JOBU  MWAKIBOLWA  S2257/0233/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
32  NASSOR  MUSSA  KWIKIMA  S0825/0066/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
33  TIMBAHICHA  M  SELESTINE  S1823/0020/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
34  PENDAEL  SHILLA  ABILALI  S2205/0055/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
35  MANKO  MAGERE  S3920/0024/2014  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
36  FLORA  RETINA  MTENGELA  S4510/0007/2014  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
37  PENINA  M  MARWA  S4092/0087/2015  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
38  PRISCA  ABDU  MNGUU  S3964/0062/2015  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
39  MARIA  JUMANNE  KAHAMBA  S1278/0061/2015  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
40  LANYORI  NGODOO  KAMAIKA  S1159/0120/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
41  EMANUEL  JOACHIM  MASARO  S0873/0032/2014  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
42  SHARIFA  S  HAMDANI  S0579/0071/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
43  FAUSTINA  R  MUSHI  S3156/0012/2015  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
44  ALIY  MUSSA  UWESU  S4555/0035/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
45  HAPPYNESS  UMELA  S2120/0024/2015  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
46  RAHMA  RASUL  NKUSA  S3826/0019/2015  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
47  SYLVESTER  S  MYOVELA  S2864/0065/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
48  PAUL  RAPHAEL  BALUKULI  S3876/0049/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
49  CRISPINE  BRUNO  MOMBE  S0978/0043/2014  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
50  HELEMANIDE  VICENT  ADAM  S3439/0018/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
51  LILIAN  SYLIVANUS  BALUGIZE  S1530/0017/2015  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
52  ABUBAKARI  S  RAMADHAN  S0367/0006/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
53  FARIDI  S  SALUMU  S1200/0046/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
54  AHMED  ABDUL  NCHAHAGA  S0497/0007/2006  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
55  MATHIAS  JOSEPH  GEMBE  S1770/0067/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
56  HASSAN  S  SALUM  S4213/0052/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
57  HAPPNESS  WILFRED  S2588/0010/2012  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
58  ABDULLATIF  JUMA  S1192/0165/2015  M  Bachelor of Tourism Management
59  ALBERTA  BONAVENTURA  KIMARO  S2376/0001/2014  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
60  JANETH  GIBSON  NG’UNDA  S0723/0018/2015  F  Bachelor of Tourism Management
61  ANNA  PATRICK  SHADAYAGA  S0561/0004/2015  F  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
62  ABDULKARIM  E  LIWANDA  S0189/0004/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
63  VALENTINE  SIMON  VALENTINE  S4572/0039/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
64  HELLEN  A  NALITOLELA  S3539/0013/2015  F  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
65  GEOFREY  ERICK  MWANGOSI  S1327/0189/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
66  AMANI  NOELY  PILLA  S0167/0030/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
67  NICKSON  MATHAYO  JOHN  S0578/0232/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
68  BARAKA  R  ABDALAH  S0485/0253/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
69  REVOCATUS  ROMAN  MROSSO  S1141/0129/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
70  ABELI  LUKOMELA  S1164/0103/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
71  EMMANUEL  DAUDY  MBEPWA  S1327/0174/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
72  FAHAD  K  MWINJUMA  S1659/0148/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
73  CHESCO  ADILIAN  MWAITULO  S1610/0054/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
74  ADILI  L  MBEMBELA  S1648/0102/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
75  POTIFA  H  DAUDI  S1873/0232/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
76  CHARLES  ELIAS  JOHN  S1608/0187/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
77  RASHID  A  MYOVELA  S0101/0281/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
78  HAKIKA  ALAFETI  MLWAFU  S1327/0193/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
79  VIVIAN  ISAAC  MINJA  S0203/0104/2015  F  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
80  AGREY  B  MSHANA  S0866/0102/2015  M  Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
81  GRETURDA  KOKUGONZA  THEONEST  S3294/0015/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
82  WILSON  H  MLAGALA  S1582/0081/2014  M  Bachelor Rural Development
83  RENALDA  F  MUNISHI  S0687/0107/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
84  REHEMA  GIDION  MWASENGO  S3074/0044/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
85  YEKINI  M  MWAKAGILE  S2061/0130/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
86  REGINA  P  TUNGU  S4399/0003/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
87  EDITHA  PAUL  S0836/0025/2014  F  Bachelor Rural Development
88  JOSEPHINA  H  MJEMA  S1200/0018/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
89  MAGRETH  G  BUDIMU  S2652/0034/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
90  MARIA  PASCAL  BASSO  S2335/0021/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
91  KHALIFA  I  NASSORO  S0784/0274/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
92  WENDE  P  KIWALAKA  S0692/0039/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
93  TISE  HOBIO  MHANGA  S1868/0090/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
94  IMELDA  FRANCIS  KANG’ONGOLE  S0295/0045/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
95  ALLY  ABUBAKARY  ALLY  S3826/0032/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
96  IGNASI  M  MMASI  S0165/0027/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
97  SHUKURU  F  MSIKITE  P2517/0810/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
98  ROSA  M  PAUL  S0630/0041/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
99  KARIM  H  MOHAMED  S0116/0113/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
100  BENJAMIN  ZACHARIA  S3831/0011/2014  M  Bachelor Rural Development
101  FROMENA  STANLEY  KIBOGOLO  S2286/0036/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
102  MAXMILIANI  STEPHANO  SIMONI  S2508/0089/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
103  NEEMA  AMINIEL  MUSHI  S5083/0016/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
104  PAULO  MICHAEL  S3325/0055/2013  M  Bachelor Rural Development
105  EMMANUEL  HENRY  TILYA  S1022/0252/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
106  AHMED  KALUA  SIMBA  S0671/0068/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
107  SHAMIM  JAFFARY  YUSUF  S0263/0052/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
108  BAHATI  AMOS  ZIBION  S0918/0150/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
109  HAPPY  E  JOHN  S3880/0041/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
110  VICTORIA  P  ROMAN  S1240/0030/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
111  HARDY  I  MOHAMED  S2846/0074/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
112  NEEMA  JOSEPH  S0226/0062/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
113  ELIZABETH  OTHMAR  LUWAWILO  S0312/0017/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
114  JIMMY  M  MWAKASUNGURA  S4628/0083/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
115  PAULINA  L  LIKUNGILO  S2050/0032/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
116  LILIAN  GAMBA  S0665/0027/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
117  MARTH  JOSEPH  S4992/0012/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
118  RAPHAEL  ABDO  AMAN  S4620/0064/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
119  JOHN  PETRO  LINGALINGA  S3730/0023/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
120  JOSEPH  L  WAMBURA  S1943/0203/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
121  JENIPHER  JOAKIM  S0661/0008/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
122  HUMPHREY  ASAKWILE  MWAKILEMBE  S4876/0114/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
123  FELIX  O  OLOGI  S4993/0133/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
124  BARAKA  MWITA  MGAYA  S2721/0043/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
125  GIFT  ROGERS  HOSEA  S0192/0008/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
126  ISSA  ATHUMANI  S1080/0114/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
127  ATHUMAN  M  NDALI  S0332/0202/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
128  WENJE  C  JOSEPH  S2804/0345/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
129  FRANK  D  MSANGI  S0896/0116/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
130  VANESSA  N  MHANDO  S4657/0022/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
131  LIVINGSTONE  SILLAS  S1803/0144/2012  M  Bachelor Rural Development
132  ANJELA  A  KATEPELA  S1203/0012/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
133  MARIA  GOFREY  MAKONGWA  S2664/0029/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
134  FIKIRI  G  MOHAMED  S2050/0059/2010  M  Bachelor Rural Development
135  SOSOMA  J  MAKUNGU  S0147/0096/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
136  MAULIDY  SALIMU  P1044/0092/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
137  HAPPYNESS  S  GABNUS  S1619/0029/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
138  ZILPA  PASCHAL  OHINDI  S0241/0111/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
139  EDINA  T  KIHARA  S0461/0012/2015  F  Bachelor Rural Development
140  ASHRAF  SHABANI  HEGGA  S0671/0072/2015  M  Bachelor Rural Development
141  MARIAM  GOBA  ABDALLAH  S1911/0035/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
142  JULIETH  M  JONAS  S1043/0059/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
143  MOSES  J  WAIGAMA  S4964/0026/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
144  RUKIA  ALI  MZEE  S0381/0094/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
145  TUMAINI  BAKANGANYIRA  EDIMINI  S4986/0004/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
146  KAIJAGE  BRIGHTON  MWIJAGE  S0167/0071/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
147  HUSNA  HAMAD  KHAMIS  S0381/0041/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
148  TOMASO  LUMANYISO  NZIKU  S1137/0109/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
149  JUSTINE  BERNARDO  BENEZETH  S0676/0122/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
150  JOSEPH  YOHANA  MARCO  S2648/0111/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
151  MAKIADI  O  JONASI  S2859/0179/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
152  GRACE  M  SHIKUNGU  S1203/0046/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
153  ALBERT  ELISANTE  NGOWI  S2028/0045/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
154  BUNDALA  DAUDI  S1415/0051/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
155  MINAEL  MWETA  MJEMA  S4024/0087/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
156  NOELAH  L  CHALE  S1456/0076/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
157  ELIA  MWAMBINGA  HENRY  S1869/0102/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
158  FELIX  JONES  BWAHAMA  S1757/0042/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
159  KEZIA  CHARLES  S0589/0013/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
160  ASHA  H  ATHUMANI  S3321/0004/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
161  PATRICK  HADISON  MKUNDA  S3764/0114/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
162  ELISAFI  H  MBAGA  S0107/0056/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
163  THOMAS  YUSTO  KALULU  S1176/0081/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
164  EMMANUEL  M  CHACHA  S0847/0150/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
165  CLEVER  ASUBISYE  JONAS  S0794/0148/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
166  HADIJA  S  NYUNDO  S3222/0055/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
167  DATIVA  GODWINE  S4515/0009/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
168  DORICE  KIRERI  KILONZO  S1449/0007/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
169  JACOB  E  KANYALA  S4766/0043/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
170  HAROUB  AMIR  KIWANDA  S4827/0116/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
171  VICTORIA  EDMUND  KIMARIO  S0506/0105/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
172  LUSEKELO  J  KYAMBA  S1576/0254/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
173  LOVENESS  G  OMBELA  S4758/0031/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
174  AUGUSTINO  ELIAS  RONGAI  S0625/0115/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
175  BERNARD  AUGUSTINO  S0584/0089/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
176  ALLY  R  ALLY  S0187/0006/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
177  NASRA  H  ADAN  S0672/0096/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
178  ELITULIZA  LEONARD  CLEMENCE  S0262/0019/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
179  GERALD  BONAVENTURE  HAULE  S0113/0011/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
180  JACOBO  EDWARD  MACHIMU  S1529/0036/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
181  ROSE  MATHAYO  NASONGELYA  S0245/0061/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
182  SECILIA  J  TENGA  S0220/0079/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
183  FILIPI  TITUS  MREMA  S2851/0051/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
184  MUSILANGA  D  KAROLI  S0332/0305/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
185  WINFRIDA  K  PHARES  S0952/0078/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
186  GOODLISTEN  G  LYAMUYA  S0485/0348/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
187  SARAH  MOSES  MUSHI  S4569/0061/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
188  MARY  J  MIGIRE  S1187/0089/2015  F  BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
189  PETRO  MATERNUS  MSIGWA  S0172/0040/2015  M  BSc. Agricultural Engineering
190  OTTO  LUCIAN  MTEWELE  S1987/0126/2015  M  BSc. Agriculture General
191  JULIETH  I  LUKANGA  S0534/0047/2015  F  BSc. Agriculture General
192  DAUD  J  MUSA  S2570/0024/2015  M  BSc. Agriculture General
193  MARIA  A  LEO  S0181/0036/2015  F  BSc. Agriculture General
194  LUKWALO  G  MSUYA  S1088/0133/2015  M  BSc. Agriculture General
195  GLORIA  ROBERT  BWIRE  S4207/0018/2015  F  BSc. Agronomy
196  NUHU  ISAYA  HIMBOSHAO  S0140/0075/2015  M  BSc. Agronomy
197  SILVIA  G  TARIMO  S2855/0047/2015  F  BSc. Agronomy
198  BARAKA  KAJOLE  MGEJE  S1571/0064/2015  M  BSc. Agronomy
199  PASCHAL  E  KISAMBA  S0155/0082/2015  M  BSc. Agronomy
200  DANIEL  CHEDIEL  SHUGHURU  S4405/0020/2015  M  BSc. Agronomy
201  ANYESIA  FEDELIS  KILAMLYA  S1141/0010/2015  F  BSc. Agronomy
202  EMMANUEL  L  SANGI  S2093/0022/2014  M  BSc. Agronomy
203  NOELY  IGNATUS  DWIGO  S0590/0115/2015  M  BSc. Agronomy
204  JULLIUS  EMMANUEL  MWALONGO  S4593/0016/2015  M  BSc. Agronomy
205  MUSA  SEIPH  SAIDI  S3656/0104/2015  M  BSc. Agronomy
206  RAPHAEL  N  THOMAS  S0195/0090/2015  M  BSc. Agronomy
207  BHOKE  DANIEL  MASHAGA  S0867/0003/2015  F  BSc. Agronomy
208  ANIFA  ABDALLAH  S1545/0005/2014  F  BSc. Agronomy
209  ANDREA  J  MASHIKU  S1894/0049/2015  M  BSc. Agronomy
210  RASHIDI  YASINI  MVUNGI  S1038/0333/2015  M  BSc. Agronomy
211  SEIF  KHALIF  NASSOR  S0383/0131/2014  M  BSc. Agronomy
212  LOUIS  D  MOSHA  S0534/0199/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
213  IDANE  D  RWEHUMBIZA  S0960/0276/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
214  DOTTO  MIHAMBO  S3861/0008/2015  F  BSc. Animal Science
215  OMARI  H  ABDALLAH  S2379/0241/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
216  WATSON  S  MKOMBO  S0112/0115/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
217  HENRY  BERIAS  MAROGO  S0631/0086/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
218  EMANUEL  SAMWEL  GREYSON  S1422/0172/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
219  MARTIN  S  PASCHALI  S4357/0075/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
220  HAIKAELI  ADILI  MWANGA  S1522/0019/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
221  THELESIA  S  MABULA  S0605/0096/2015  F  BSc. Animal Science
222  QUEEN  J  BAKINIKANA  S0205/0123/2015  F  BSc. Animal Science
223  TAUS  ABDUL  MAKWAYA  S4712/0022/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
224  SIMON  MAHOIGA  GEORGE  S2096/0044/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
225  VICTA  BASLEI  YASINTI  S2845/0091/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
226  VENACE  SIMON  VENACE  S3490/0133/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
227  DEUSDEDIT  Y  NDIDI  S2655/0089/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
228  STEVEN  JAMES  WARYOBA  S0989/0074/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
229  OMARI  I  NGULIPA  S3793/0095/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
230  RAMADHANI  SAID  KIPANGA  S1529/0045/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
231  IDDRISA  M  MMADI  S3793/0083/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
232  JANE  PAMBA  MSALAMA  S0849/0035/2015  F  BSc. Animal Science
233  BRAISON  ALBERT  KIVANGAVANGA  S1578/0096/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
234  FERDINAND  JULIUS  ADRIAN  S0439/0057/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
235  PENDO  SALUM  NDULU  S2904/0019/2015  F  BSc. Animal Science
236  REHEMA  SIMON  MSEMWA  S0427/0104/2015  F  BSc. Animal Science
237  NELSON  LUCAS  KAYAMBA  S4827/0157/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
238  BARAKA  ANTA  SIMBANO  S0906/0031/2014  M  BSc. Animal Science
239  SELEMAN  CHOMBOZ  S0688/0121/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
240  FELECIAN  HERMES  S0473/0101/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
241  KIJA  SATANO  MALONGETA  S2975/0016/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
242  JACOB  J  BENJAMINI  S3508/0069/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
243  ZAKARIA  A  KIGWA  S2705/0198/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
244  DAVID  M  DENIS  S1498/0059/2015  M  BSc. Animal Science
245  SAAD  SULTANI  MMBAGA  S0355/0163/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
246  OLIVER  LOUIS  UNYESE  S0285/0068/2015  F  BSc. Aquaculture
247  WILLIUM  CHARLES  KIMAMBO  S0459/0077/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
248  GERVAS  B  GIBUYI  S0539/0173/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
249  JANE  A  MWAIKEKE  S3140/0055/2015  F  BSc. Aquaculture
250  EMMANUEL  D  MADINDA  S1330/0039/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
251  MIKA  LAISON  MTELESI  S1713/0058/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
252  IBRAHIMU  P  MANYORI  S0853/0151/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
253  ALPHA  S  MVUNGI  S2426/0028/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
254  SUNIVA  SABACE  S0397/0048/2015  F  BSc. Aquaculture
255  LAMECK  FULGENS  MHORO  S0183/0031/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
256  GRACE  ELEUTER  MAZOME  S0260/0016/2015  F  BSc. Aquaculture
257  FATMA  H  SUDI  S1071/0085/2015  F  BSc. Aquaculture
258  HAYTHAM  FARID  HAJI  S0995/0013/2015  F  BSc. Aquaculture
259  AMEIR  HAJI  AME  S0392/0133/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
260  IDDY  R  MSANGI  S0781/0199/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
261  JOSEPH  P  KAZILO  S2778/0076/2014  M  BSc. Aquaculture
262  KIRSTY  LAZARO  MATIKU  S0241/0066/2015  F  BSc. Aquaculture
263  FEISALY  A  NDAMBWE  S2476/0341/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
264  HAJRA  HASSAN  VUAI  S0326/0022/2015  F  BSc. Aquaculture
265  MARIAM  D  KABUKA  S1754/0056/2015  F  BSc. Aquaculture
266  RAMADHANI  G  LUDENGE  S2170/0042/2015  M  BSc. Aquaculture
267  PETER  E  MPONEJA  S0367/0161/2015  M  BSc. Bioprocessing and Postharvest Engineering
268  GIFT  JAILOS  MWANGILA  S1141/0123/2014  M  BSc. Bioprocessing and Postharvest Engineering
269  ALLY  M  HARAKA  S0345/0144/2013  M  BSc. Bioprocessing and Postharvest Engineering
270  EMILIANA  ADOLPH  KIMARIYO  S0795/0027/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
271  GABRIEL  NASHONI  S0534/0157/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
272  ZAINABU  RAMADHANI  KASSIM  S0622/0070/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
273  GOODLUCKY  BENSON  NGUNGA  S3140/0168/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
274  IRENE  REVOCATUS  KILANGWA  S0249/0046/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
275  LINDA  O  LAZARO  S0302/0107/2014  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
276  LINDA  L  GOLDEN  S3139/0071/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
277  BRENDA  A  MINGA  S2925/0013/2014  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
278  ESTER  M  SIJJO  S5131/0003/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
279  ANTHONY  JULIUS  S4908/0071/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
280  DAVID  NDUMIWE  SILASI  S3256/0039/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
281  DOUGLAS  ROBINSON  NDOWO  S4405/0035/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
282  EMMANUEL  M  KARERA  S0110/0035/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
283  DANIEL  S  THOMAS  S4357/0059/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
284  HILDA  MARTIN  S0258/0015/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
285  ESTER  C  MUHOJA  S0218/0051/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
286  STARLONE  P  JOSEPH  S0316/0411/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
287  THOBIAS  J  MWEGALAWA  S0155/0095/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
288  VEDASTUS  MAGOMA  S4515/0086/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
289  SALIM  MOHAMED  SALIM  S2398/0085/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
290  DAUD  L  JIGALU  S2787/0047/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
291  HAPPY  B  MKUMBWA  S0206/0043/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
292  HASSANI  ZAKRINO  MAKONDE  S1866/0042/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
293  AMISA  NYAMAMBARA  RAJABU  S1760/0007/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
294  SOPHIA  E  BUPILIPILI  S0233/0089/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
295  GEORGE  GODFREY  GEORGE  S5115/0101/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
296  DOREEN  N  MGONJA  S0233/0027/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
297  NDINAGWE  LLOYD  MWAITETE  S0239/0071/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
298  JUMA  HAJI  YAHYA  S0309/0137/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
299  PAULINA  J  KYENCHE  S0542/0113/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
300  ANNA  J  MUSHI  S0241/0009/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
301  DEVIS  D  KABUJE  S3140/0144/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
302  AUGUSTINO  ALEXANDER  MWITA  S1757/0007/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
303  HIERONIMO  APOLINARY  OLLOMY  S0804/0087/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
304  DANIEL  M  MASALU  S2792/0029/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
305  GASPAR  SWITBERT  KASHAGA  S2421/0031/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
306  NEEMA  S  NDOSI  S0181/0045/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
307  EMILE  H  HEZRON  S1787/0037/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
308  MAPI  J  TCHAMA  S0188/0119/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
309  SCHOLASTICA  ALPHONCE  ANTONY  S0245/0067/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
310  GRACE  EMILIAN  KOMBA  S0234/0026/2015  F  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
311  CHRISTOPHER  DAUD  MAGOLI  S3039/0037/2014  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
312  RAMADHANI  SAIDI  MWERU  S0324/0160/2015  M  BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science
313  MHINGA  S  GIYUNGA  S0248/0098/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
314  VICTORIA  NELSON  SIMBEYE  S0203/0103/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
315  RAMADHANI  A  KOMO  S0316/0390/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
316  KENY  DAMAS  THOMAS  S2732/0067/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
317  HAPPYFANIA  N  MOREWA  S4384/0056/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
318  GODFREY  F  MALENGO  S0168/0019/2014  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
319  LEUNOLLA  TUMAINI  MSIGWA  S0867/0028/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
320  LEPENCIATHA  B  LEOPHASTONE  S0206/0050/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
321  ANNAANETH  P  MWANIKUNGU  S0248/0009/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
322  SAID  ABUUBAKAR  MOH’D  S5047/0132/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
323  NEEMA  KAMARA  S2652/0043/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
324  AHMED  ALLY  SWILA  S0307/0040/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
325  SUSAN  G  NGONDE  S5128/0050/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
326  ATHUMANI  S  NJAMA  S1241/0250/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
327  JOEL  M  JOEFREY  S1583/0046/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
328  BRIGHT  H  MBUYA  S4262/0034/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
329  SHAZIMINI  A  KASAMALI  S4423/0032/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
330  MARIA  JOAKIMU  SHEKIANGIO  S1437/0028/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
331  GLORIA  G  MPOLE  S4967/0012/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
332  SARAH  ELIA  DODI  S2032/0084/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
333  IRENE  FUTAKAMBA  S2804/0065/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
334  MONICA  MELKIOR  NDEMERA  S4479/0015/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
335  SAMSONI  M  JUMANNE  S2874/0054/2014  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
336  DAVID  P  MBWANJI  S1488/0118/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
337  MARIANO  NGALAPA  S1931/0127/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
338  MAMERTHA  CHRISTOPHER  S4965/0035/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
339  MAGRETH  N  MSENGEZI  S0853/0070/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
340  ASHA  S  SHEMBAZI  S1080/0008/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
341  MATILIGA  WILFRED  ELIA  S4554/0069/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
342  ADAM  MUSSA  ELIUDI  S2304/0054/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
343  BERNATUS  M  COSTANTINE  S0863/0041/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
344  ANSFRIDA  ALFRED  S4908/0013/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
345  JOSEPHAT  NORASKO  MGOMELA  S0720/0058/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
346  HAMFREY  A  VALENTINE  S1370/0107/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
347  TIMOTH  E  SHAO  S0938/0074/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
348  MATIDIA  ADALABERTH  S0665/0038/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
349  RIFAT  CHALAMANDA  MDAWALI  S1186/0111/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
350  SAMSON  MBUKI  MACHIBYA  S2529/0155/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
351  ASALI  A  ASALI  S1463/0029/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
352  DANIEL  MALASHI  EDWARD  S2530/0125/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
353  JACINTA  TOKE  S0248/0064/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
354  ALLEN  JOSEPHAT  KAZIMOTO  S0180/0001/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
355  JAPHET  LEONARD  NG’WIBOMBI  S1824/0034/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
356  JOYCE  J  NGOWI  S1072/0028/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
357  GETRUDA  H  MWAKATOBE  S2655/0021/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
358  MOGA  K  NKENYENGE  S0139/0076/2014  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
359  RAMADHANI  J  NDEJE  S3793/0098/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
360  IRENE  FESTO  NANKWA  S0323/0005/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
361  JUSTICE  CONSTANTINE  MREMA  S2499/0126/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
362  HABIBA  YASIN  MGHAMBA  S5032/0023/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
363  SHABANI  K  RASHIDI  S0321/0042/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
364  RAJABU  H  GONDO  S3914/0188/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
365  JANETH  JAIROS  LYODE  S2057/0075/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
366  MOHAMMED  T  MASSA  S4217/0119/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
367  JOHANNES  JAPHET  MINJA  S0184/0080/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
368  JUMA  MSTAPHA  S0138/0053/2015  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
369  ELITHA  OSCAR  MKULU  S4119/0008/2015  F  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
370  NZUMBI  LUFUNGA  S3623/0113/2014  M  BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management
371  MESHACK  F  MWAKIPOSA  S3733/0083/2015  M  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
372  VAILETH  J  KANYORO  S0586/0075/2015  F  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
373  WINIFRIDA  P  MNYAMBWA  S4193/0064/2014  F  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
374  FATUMA  M  OMARI  S0468/0017/2015  F  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
375  NOELA  LUDOVICK  MUSHI  S0263/0046/2015  F  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
376  SHAFII  H  CHIKONDA  S1071/0743/2015  M  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
377  IRENE  ERASMI  NAMFUA  S0263/0024/2015  F  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
378  USHINDI  PATRICK  WIJENGO  S0840/0093/2015  M  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
379  MULHAT  YUSSUF  SAID  S1134/0024/2015  M  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
380  EDWIN  ATUGONZA  EMMANUEL  S0138/0025/2015  M  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
381  NANCY  D  JUDICAH  S4967/0028/2015  F  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
382  NOEL  HENDRY  KIMARO  S2180/0080/2015  M  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
383  GENDO  ANDERSON  SHIMBI  S4131/0009/2015  M  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
384  YULITHA  MAYOMBO  REVOCATUS  S0235/0140/2015  F  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
385  EMMANUEL  ISACK  HEKE  S4706/0013/2015  M  BSc. Family and Consumer Studies
386  RAMADHAN  I  NAMALA  S4932/0102/2015  M  BSc. Food Science and Technology
387  KASWALALA  MNADA  MAJABA  S3446/0042/2015  M  BSc. Food Science and Technology
388  SALMA  JUMA  DULLE  S0962/0016/2015  F  BSc. Food Science and Technology
389  FILIMINA  K  FESTO  S0630/0013/2015  F  BSc. Food Science and Technology
390  ALEX  S  ERICK  S0735/0124/2015  M  BSc. Food Science and Technology
391  NYAMHANGA  J  NYAGESERA  S1019/0064/2015  M  BSc. Food Science and Technology
392  DIANA  DIDAS  WAMBURA  S2626/0005/2015  F  BSc. Food Science and Technology
393  KARIM  R  KIPENGELE  S0960/0296/2015  M  BSc. Food Science and Technology
394  JANETH  STEPHEN  NZALLA  S4024/0066/2015  F  BSc. Food Science and Technology
395  OSCAR  A  GOMBA  S2652/0112/2014  M  BSc. Food Science and Technology
396  RUTH  CHARLES  HOTAY  S4209/0021/2015  F  BSc. Food Science and Technology
397  JOAN  J  MKIRIKITI  S1187/0060/2015  F  BSc. Food Science and Technology
398  LEONATHA  MATHIAS  NDIMBO  S0270/0047/2015  F  BSc. Food Science and Technology
399  ARDGARD  ESSAU  MWAMGENI  S3661/0090/2015  M  BSc. Food Science and Technology
400  ANTHONY  SEBASTIAN  CHARLES  S3038/0062/2015  M  BSc. Food Science and Technology
401  LETICIA  I  SAKARANI  S2846/0030/2015  F  BSc. Food Science and Technology
402  ZURFA  LWASSA  S0513/0052/2015  F  BSc. Food Science and Technology
403  CATHERINE  MATHIAS  MTUKU  S0459/0003/2015  F  BSc. Food Science and Technology
404  BONIPHACE  A  MAZABILA  S4572/0024/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
405  ALBERT  PETER  MASSAWE  S0171/0001/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
406  SAUMU  MIRAJI  MPONDA  S1275/0055/2015  F  BSc. Forestry
407  FREDY  CHARLES  KIYAO  S1141/0100/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
408  SARAFINA  N  MASANJA  S0534/0087/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
409  JOHN  GODFREY  S4945/0021/2014  M  BSc. Forestry
410  TUNIRA  JUMA  MATEMBE  S0715/0072/2015  F  BSc. Forestry
411  ALEX  LEONARD  S3300/0027/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
412  YONATHAN  M  JOHN  S2094/0064/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
413  BARAKA  B  CHIGANGA  S0996/0042/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
414  AGNES  M  LAZARO  S3399/0003/2015  F  BSc. Forestry
415  SELEMANI  ALLY  ISSA  S0441/0108/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
416  JOHN  RUWAEKAMBE  MMIKU  S0306/0205/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
417  AGNESTA  J  BUYEKWA  S0294/0007/2015  F  BSc. Forestry
418  ELIETH  JERONIMO  S4796/0011/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
419  LUQMAN  S  YOTAM  S0698/0108/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
420  CLEVER  A  GWAKABALE  S4472/0055/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
421  JOHN  FRENK  NGOWI  S4517/0111/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
422  BENINO  PHILLIP  WARIRO  S4405/0013/2014  M  BSc. Forestry
423  GERSHON  G  BEE  S4561/0059/2014  M  BSc. Forestry
424  FLORIBETH  SUZO  NGOWOKO  S0593/0062/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
425  JACKSON  E  MMASSY  S1601/0057/2015  M  BSc. Forestry
426  MWAYAONA  YAHAYA  MAULIDI  S0224/0059/2015  F  BSc. Horticulture
427  ANETY  S  GIVER  S4039/0004/2015  F  BSc. Horticulture
428  ZAKATI  S  ALLY  S0204/0223/2015  F  BSc. Human Nutrition
429  PRISCAR  G  TAYLOR  S2516/0035/2015  M  BSc. Human Nutrition
430  SALHA  J  ALLY  S1071/0281/2015  F  BSc. Human Nutrition
431  NTUJI  S  SIMBILA  S1187/0104/2015  F  BSc. Human Nutrition
432  ALLY  S  MBUGUNI  S0345/0187/2015  M  BSc. Human Nutrition
433  JANE  GLORY  MREMA  S0357/0021/2015  M  BSc. Human Nutrition
434  MUNIRA  S  KATETA  S1241/0142/2015  F  BSc. Human Nutrition
435  ROSE  PANTALEO  MWAMBA  S4024/0101/2015  F  BSc. Human Nutrition
436  ALLY  M  SAIDI  S4090/0229/2015  M  BSc. Human Nutrition
437  CONSOLATA  K  KOMBA  S1488/0010/2015  F  BSc. Human Nutrition
438  FRANSISKO  KALISTI  SAWE  S4459/0085/2014  M  BSc. Human Nutrition
439  JAMILA  MOHAMED  KIMARO  S2325/0047/2015  F  BSc. Human Nutrition
440  HENRY  PETER  MWAPILI  S0184/0069/2015  M  BSc. Human Nutrition
441  SHAKIRA  MOHAMED  SAGAMIKO  S0531/0034/2015  F  BSc. Human Nutrition
442  LEONARD  K  MICHAEL  S1358/0097/2010  M  BSc. Human Nutrition
443  DICKSON  A  ALFRED  S0821/0044/2015  M  BSc. Informatics
444  ADELISA  A  RWEYEMAMU  S0266/0001/2015  F  BSc. Informatics
445  JAPHET  SELESTINI  MBUNDA  S1220/0128/2015  M  BSc. Informatics
446  ANGELA  C  MEENA  S0204/0013/2015  F  BSc. Informatics
447  GEOFREY  H  JASSEL  S3880/0094/2015  M  BSc. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering
448  REVINA  S  LUGUMAYO  S3536/0023/2015  F  BSc. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering
449  NOEL  A  MUNGURE  S4740/0076/2015  M  BSc. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering
450  ENOCK  G  LETEMA  S1125/0292/2015  M  BSc. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering
451  NASIBU  ABDI  MRIMI  S1350/0015/2015  M  BSc. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering
452  SAMWEL  SEBASTIAN  S1143/0210/2015  M  BSc. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering
453  NESPHORIAN  PETER  MHANDO  S0169/0021/2015  M  BSc. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering
454  EMMANUEL  EVARIST  MASSAWE  S1522/0071/2015  M  BSc. Range Management
455  JANETH  CHARLES  MPONDA  S0217/0029/2015  F  BSc. Range Management
456  HADIJA  SEIF  MWINYISHEHE  S1437/0014/2015  M  BSc. Range Management
457  REBECA  MADUHU  SITTA  S0439/0029/2015  M  BSc. Range Management
458  RUFINO  ZENAS  KUMISA  S0177/0027/2015  M  BSc. Range Management
459  DANIEL  D  MBANILA  S1486/0024/2014  M  BSc. Range Management
460  FESTO  FEDNAND  MBILINYI  S4003/0057/2014  M  BSc. Range Management
461  MACDONALD  S  MASUNGA  S1071/0628/2015  M  BSc. Range Management
462  PENDO  ZENOBY  BASILIO  S5035/0025/2015  F  BSc. Range Management
463  CATHERINE  GASPER  MASAKI  S4624/0008/2015  F  BSc. Range Management
464  LEODGARD  A  MASSAWE  S1442/0227/2015  M  BSc. Range Management
465  PRISCA  J  MSIKA  S0640/0057/2015  F  BSc. Range Management
466  KEIPHA  SADICK  MHELELA  S0257/0047/2015  F  BSc. Range Management
467  SHARIFU  R  JUMA  S3587/0159/2015  M  BSc. Range Management
468  RAHEL  HANS  TAGALILE  S0618/0035/2015  M  BSc. Range Management
469  EUNICE  PRAYGOD  MSHANA  S1259/0011/2015  F  BSc. Range Management
470  JOSELINE  KOBURUNGO  TINABO  S5268/0045/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
471  LILIAN  TANU  KAMEKA  S0234/0045/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
472  ODILIA  PASCAL  MROSO  S1708/0044/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
473  FRANK  FRANSISCO  MGANGA  S2669/0083/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
474  SHANIFA  H  MRISHO  S0513/0035/2014  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
475  GREGORY  M  LAMECK  S4472/0070/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
476  DIANA  CLEMENS  KASONGO  S4024/0032/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
477  BARAKA  L  JOEL  S4937/0039/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
478  NOAH  D  MWAKANYEKELA  S0757/0231/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
479  AMAN  ABEID  MBELENGO  S0140/0005/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
480  CHRISTOPHER  C  MWAMBONEKE  S1361/0189/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
481  DANCUN  O  MESHACK  S0661/0049/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
482  LUQMAN  MUSTAPHA  WANDWI  S0823/0249/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
483  LILIAN  L  MIHAMBO  S0386/0060/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
484  YUSUPH  S  KOMBO  S0112/0118/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
485  GEOFREY  JOVENARY  NDURURUTSE  S5299/0027/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
486  KELVIN  D  MACHUMBE  S4052/0097/2014  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
487  EMMANUEL  J  MSAKI  S0485/0316/2014  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
488  ADONIACE  I  BENJAMIN  S3160/0040/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
489  FLORENTINI  M  ELIAS  S2915/0083/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
490  SOPHIA  CHARLES  S2935/0012/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
491  JOEL  P  MAEKE  S2809/0041/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
492  DIANAROSE  N  MWAISAKA  S4466/0001/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
493  GUDILA  LEONI  TARIMO  P4344/0039/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
494  NUHU  TUMWENE  MSOLA  S0867/0147/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
495  LIGHTNESS  YOHANA  REUBEN  S1026/0036/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
496  JAPHARI  JUMANNE  RAMADHANI  S0715/0127/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
497  IS-HAKA  I  MEENA  S2344/0019/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
498  ABAS  MILAJI  KASAGULA  S1182/0152/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
499  ELIAS  PINIEL  LOTHI  S4459/0081/2014  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
500  DENNIS  FRANCIS  MROSSO  S2421/0021/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
501  JULIETHA  JUSTINIAN  CHRISTIAN  S1208/0036/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
502  DAINES  TITO  FREDRICK  S0719/0005/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
503  DENISI  SALVASTORI  MATHEY  S2847/0076/2015  M  BSc. Wildlife Management
504  SHARIFA  S  ALLY  S2685/0034/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
505  NISS  B  MWANDIMBILE  S1043/0081/2015  F  BSc. Wildlife Management
506  IBRAHIM  POLICAPY  MLELWA  S0561/0079/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
507  ABASI  RASHIDI  ALI  S1010/0001/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
508  DESMOND  PETRO  DAUDI  S1911/0083/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
509  OMEGA  K  MOLLEL  S0308/0068/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
510  PASKALINA  MARTIN  PAULO  S0368/0028/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
511  AMOS  K  DONALD  S1240/0036/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
512  THERESIA  JOSEPH  MWAKA  S0245/0066/2013  F  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
513  VEIDIANA  EMMANUEL  VICTOR  S0218/0164/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
514  ALLY  BAKARI  MNTAMBO  S2938/0027/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
515  MATHAYO  K  MASASI  S2116/0052/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
516  SHAMIMU  SELEMANI  JUMA  S2265/0113/2014  F  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
517  ROSE  PAUL  NYANGELO  S5305/0017/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
518  AMEN  DANIEL  SHIJA  S3371/0003/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology)
519  NYANDA  PAUL  JUMA  S3039/0214/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry & Mathematics)
520  WAZIRI  R  MWISHEHE  S4438/0053/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry & Mathematics)
521  LEONARD  P  MSENGI  S4008/0054/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry & Mathematics)
522  NURU  J  MWASHOLONZI  S0741/0044/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry & Mathematics)
523  DEOGRATIAS  ANTONY  S1373/0045/2014  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry & Mathematics)
524  ZAHARA  H  SHABANI  S0204/0215/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
525  RATIFA  S  KONDO  S4611/0011/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
526  ISSACK  ERNEST  S3037/0140/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
527  WALTER  M  JOHN  S2657/0085/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
528  ALEXANDRA  ADAM  S0857/0149/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
529  BENEDICTO  BARAKA  S3900/0046/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
530  JOSEPHAT  K  GERALD  S3160/0061/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
531  ELISHA  NDAGAJA  S2086/0038/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
532  SHADRICK  VENANCE  S1269/0049/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
533  SAID  YAHYA  S3064/0051/2014  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
534  ZUBERI  NASIBU  ISSA  S2297/0120/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
535  FROLENCE  BYAKUCHEZA  FAUSTINE  S4753/0031/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
536  AMOS  P  MGAYA  S1337/0075/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
537  TALHA  O  SAIDY  S0534/0091/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
538  PATRICK  V  SOKONI  S1084/0032/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
539  JOSEPH  B  SWEKE  S3528/0063/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
540  CLAUD  CASSIAN  KAMULI  S3268/0030/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
541  STANSLAUS  Z  JOSEPHAT  S0110/0098/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
542  BENJAMIN  ANDREA  SLAHHI  S0928/0051/2014  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
543  ELIAS  J  CHINGALIKO  S4841/0087/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
544  SARAH  HERMAN  MSAMBULE  S1674/0033/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
545  SAHIM  S  MOHAMED  S0829/0074/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
546  IBRAHIMU  B  HUSSEIN  S2381/0261/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
547  ROSEMARY  D  BALYAGATI  S0333/0196/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
548  VERONICA  PHILIP  S2476/0250/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
549  FAUSTINI  KWASLEMA  DAGHARO  S3481/0079/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
550  PATRICE  BILASI  PHISOO  S4404/0023/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
551  SUMBUKO  S  KIYUMBI  S1066/0039/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
552  JAMES  PHILIP  CHILLU  S2656/0034/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
553  CHARLES  EMANUEL  KADYO  S5078/0010/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
554  ATHUMANI  ISMAILY  RIALO  S0928/0071/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
555  MAUA  MOHAMEDI  KHAMIS  S1447/0009/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
556  PETER  SAMWEL  MAHENGE  S0890/0069/2014  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
557  NEEMA  P  SHIJA  S2243/0054/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
558  IDDI  A  NGAJA  S0367/0079/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
559  AMON  MARTIN  THOMAS  S3876/0023/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
560  NAOMI  P  ANDREA  S5103/0013/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
561  EMMANUEL  WILIAREST  NGOWI  S3348/0129/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
562  ISSA  G  MEFRIDA  S1452/0041/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
563  ONESMO  MATHEO  DUMA  S0785/0063/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
564  LOEMA  BALTAZARY  SANZU  S3848/0009/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
565  FAHARI  RAMADHANI  KALEGA  S1136/0080/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
566  NTAUYANGILA  CHAGA  MAKANYAGA  S3802/0109/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
567  MONIKA  E  DHAHABU  S1381/0026/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
568  LEONARD  Z  MPAZI  S0884/0048/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
569  NASHON  JONATHAN  KILABUKA  S1530/0071/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
570  ABDALA  O  MAGONA  S1948/0059/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
571  ISACK  BENESTER  KALUSHA  S4818/0172/2014  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
572  S0444/0065/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
573  EVA  Y  MWAWEZA  S1931/0017/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
574  GEORGE  STEPHANO  LUCHORONGA  S0104/0044/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
575  EMILIANA  ELIREHEMA  MOLLEL  S4459/0012/2014  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
576  JUMANNE  SAID  S2291/0030/2014  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
577  JOSEFINA  INNOCENT  MCHAMI  S5093/0042/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
578  GRACE  EMANUEL  MKUCHU  S0636/0012/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
579  MUSSA  C  MAKELEMO  S2627/0061/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
580  YAKOBO  S  MARADUFU  S2874/0125/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
581  ANETH  L  MWAIKEKE  S3791/0009/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
582  EDWIN  RUGALABAMU  RESPICIUS  S0871/0089/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
583  HIJIRI  IBRAHIMU  HAMISI  S2641/0018/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
584  NDEMEYE  ODANSI  NDEMEYE  S2156/0083/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
585  MANZI  RUGARABAMU  KAIZA  S0800/0040/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
586  SALMINI  O  ALLY  S3989/0172/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
587  RAPHAEL  LEONARD  THOMAS  S0564/0254/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
588  GASPAR  JUMA  ABASI  S2192/0058/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
589  DOMINICK  I  DOMINICK  S0613/0150/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
590  LILIAN  MELICHO  KALINGA  S3483/0024/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
591  LEAH  ANDINDILILE  BROWN  S1331/0041/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
592  FADHIL  STEVEN  SANGA  S0153/0023/2014  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
593  DISMAS  GWALI  S1745/0019/2014  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
594  JUMA  OMAR  JUMA  S5047/0119/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology)
595  EMMANUEL  FORTUNATUS  BWIRE  S0146/0024/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics)
596  EMMANUEL  S  DOMA  S2568/0013/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics)
597  OMARY  GAMALIELY  MLAY  S2340/0175/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics)
598  LEWIS  LOSON  MTUI  S1075/0176/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics)
599  FLORENCE  M  HIZA  S0107/0009/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics)
600  ALOYCE  JAMES  MMEHWA  S2805/0060/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics)
601  PATRICIA  ANDREA  CHENGULA  S2373/0038/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics)
602  DENICE  MAIKO  MTUI  S1692/0091/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics)
603  AMON  KAROL  KAWAGANISE  S0683/0107/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics)
604  YOHANA  A  MALAMBUGHI  S1273/0122/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics)
605  PRISCA  NICOLAUSI  MUNISHI  S3693/0092/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
606  SANIRA  SELEMANI  MMASA  S2173/0040/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
607  FRANK  LEWIS  MGOWOLE  S3467/0123/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
608  ROSEMARY  DAMIAN  S1008/0030/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
609  JAMES  C  MBUMI  S0812/0104/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
610  REBEKA  DANIELI  BALLOHHO  S2917/0012/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
611  LAILA  ABDALLAH  MAZIWA  S1846/0016/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
612  HALIMA  HATIBU  SAIDI  S0866/0017/2014  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
613  JACKLINE  E  JACKSON  S2768/0042/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
614  SARA  KESSY  SIMBA  S2745/0021/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
615  FANISTA  DAUDI  NYAGAWA  S2057/0057/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
616  KULWA  A  IHEMA  S0461/0107/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
617  ADRIANO  ROBERT  SABUHORO  S3918/0014/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
618  MKAPA  A  KABETA  S3937/0041/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
619  MASANJA  NKINDA  NYABUDIMA  S2989/0037/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
620  EMMANUEL  P  EDWARD  S1629/0067/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
621  MATHEW  AYOUB  MHAGAMA  S1454/0140/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
622  PASCAL  J  MWEUPE  S4894/0117/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
623  JEROME  MVULA  HOTTI  S1181/0124/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
624  NEEMA  O  MARWA  S4063/0029/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
625  ZUHURA  K  NGEREZA  S0452/0034/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
626  NASRI  KASSIM  SAIDI  S3502/0204/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
627  MOHAMED  M  MWETA  S1080/0127/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
628  SIFA  DAUDI  MWAKATIKA  S1420/0109/2015  F  BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology)
629  SAMWEL  ALLAN  KINGU  S0414/0047/2015  M  BSc. with Education (Informatics and Mathematics)

The office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics),
Sokoine University of Agriculture,
P. O. Box 3000,

Inquiries should be sent to:-
Admission Help desk
Directorate of Undergraduate Studies,
Sokoine University of Agriculture,
P.O. Box 3000, Chuo Kikuu, Morogoro   

Telephone No:  0744 555 448 OR 0692 862 360



S/N Programme Vacant Space
1 BSc. Agricultural Engineering 28
2 BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness 94
3 BSc. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering 161
4 BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management 64
5 BSc. Bioprocessing and Postharvest Engineering 190
6 Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine 24
7 Bachelor Rural Development 118
8 BSc. Agriculture General 33
9 BSc. with Education (Informatics and Mathematics) 40
10 BSc. Animal Science 13
11 BSc. with Education (Geography & Mathematics) 20
12 BSc. Aquaculture 23
13 BSc. Agronomy 21
14 BSc. Biotechnology and Laboratory Science 56
15 BSc. Informatics 220
16 BSc. Forestry 34
17 BSc. Horticulture 2
18 BSc. with Education (Chemistry & Mathematics) 23
19 Bachelor of Tourism Management 112
20 BSc. Food Science and Technology 33
21 BSc. Human Nutrition 37
22 BSc. Family and Consumer Studies 22
23 BSc. Applied Agricultural Extension 289
24 BSc. with Education (Chemistry and Biology) 62
25 BSc. with Education (Agricultural Science and Biology) 30
26 BSc. with Education (Geography and Biology) 25
27 BSc. Wildlife Management 57
28 BSc. Range Management 67
29 Bachelor of Information and Records Management 47


The office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics),
Sokoine University of Agriculture,
P. O. Box 3000,

Inquiries should be sent to:-
Admission Help desk
Directorate of Undergraduate Studies,
Sokoine University of Agriculture,
P.O. Box 3000, Chuo Kikuu, Morogoro   

Telephone No:  0744 555 448 OR 0692 862 360

Apply online here


The Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, hereby invites qualified applicants to
apply into various undergraduate degree programmes at the University of Dar es Salaam that
still have slots. Should you be interested kindly log into for
further details and mode of application.

Download pdf here


The University of Dodoma (UDOM) would like to inform all candidates with suitable
qualifications to apply for admission into different study programmes offered by the
University for the 2018/2019 Academic year. The fourth round of admission cycle will
start on 13th October, 2018 and end on 20th October, 2018. In the application
process, the following should be remembered:
1. Those who applied in any of the first three rounds (first, second and third) but
were not successful need not pay in order to re-apply. They just need to choose
programmes that best reflect their qualifications and interests.
2. Those who did not apply during the first, second and third round should do so in
the fourth round by paying a total of TZS 10,000.00. The channels and
procedures for payment remain the same as those used in the first, second and
third round.
3. Applicants are strongly advised to read the attached list of study programmes
with their respective available slots before they lodge their applications.

Download the pdf below.





The University of Dodoma (UDOM) would like to inform all applicants with multiple
admissions for the 2018/2019 academic year that, in order to secure admission into
different study programmes offered at UDOM, confirmation by individual applicants is
An applicant must confirm his/her admission immediately after reception of a SPECIAL
CODE that will be sent to the applicant tomorrow. The procedures for confirmation are
as provided by TCU at and involve the following steps:
1. Copying a SPECIAL CODE sent to the applicant by way of SMS via mobile
2. Using a PASSWORD to enter the applicant’s profile in the admission system, i.e.
3. Entering a SPECIAL CODE of the applicant into the admission system of UDOM
in order to confirm one’s admission.
A list of applicants with multiple admissions is attached for reference and action. The list
includes applicants in the second and third round of admission cycle.




The following applicants have been selected to join various programmes offered by Tanzania Institute of Accountancy for the Academic year 2018/2019.
Selected candidates should report to their respective campuses on 22nd OCTOBER 2018.
Joining instruction and admission letters can be downloaded through our website Selected candidates are advised to read information provided in joining instructions.
The Institute has limited accommodation facilities for students. Those who wish to stay at the Institute’s Hostels should apply in advance to their respective campuses.
A list of candidates who have completed and successfully passed Basic Technician Certificates studies at TIA  and hence have to continue with Diploma  programmes in their respective courses will be released soon.
For more details please call this number +255222850717
To check Lists Of Selected Applicants at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy download PDF files through the link below:

Dar es Salaam.


















East africa fruits co. data collection

Job Summary

Our company is looking for 10 graduates from different fields, who will be able to gather data from the hospitality industry in Dar Es Salaam

  • Minimum Qualification: Unspecified
  • Experience Level: Graduate trainee
  • Experience Length: Less than 1 year

Job Description

– As per allocated locations, visit various players in the hospitality industry to conduct research using template provided.

– Prepare a report on findings by the end of the assignment.
Please send an application letter and CV to
– Must be able to speak confidently while gathering information.
– Must be fluent in English.
Application deadline is 16th October 2018.
Work is to be done on 22nd to 26th October 2018.
Payment per day is TZS 10,000.

2019 RASC-AL SPECIAL EDITION: Moon to mars and prospecting challenge.


Audience: Full-time Undergraduate and Graduate Students
Notice of Intent Deadline: Oct. 12
Project Plan Submission Deadline: Nov. 15
Category: Student Competitions
The 2019 Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts—Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) Special Edition: Moon to Mars Ice & Prospecting Challenge is an engineering design and technology demonstration contest for eligible college students. Teams have the opportunity to design and build prototype hardware that can extract water and assess subsurface density profiles from a simulated off-world test bed. Up to 10 teams will be chosen to receive a stipend to build and demonstrate their systems’ capabilities in June 2019 at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.

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The national science foundation 2026 machine.


Audience: Educators and Students Ages 14 and Older
Entry Deadline: Oct. 26
Category: Competition
The NSF 2026 Idea Machine is a competition to help set the U.S. agenda for fundamental research in science and engineering. Participants can earn cash prizes and receive public recognition by suggesting the pressing research questions that need to be answered in the coming decade. The competition is an opportunity for researchers, the public and other interested stakeholders to contribute to NSF’s mission to support basic research and enable new discoveries.

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